Car Insurance


This is the second article in our series about pro’s and cons of travel isurance.

You can check part 1 here.

  1. You are responsible for everything

It doesn’t really matter what you did. Even if you’ve been trying to safe people from the burning car, you are responsible for that damaged vehicle you took for rent or even a part of it. Nobody needs reasons. Everyone pays attention to results.

  1. Search about vehicle insurances available

Learn everything about different types of insurances you are offered by the rental manager. Many people think that their personal auto insurance is able to cover all damages and accidents. It is not! Check this first! Also, it is important to pay attention to your card banking rules. Don’t be surprised! It is important!

There can be a kind of restriction from your bank to cover few types of vehicles like off-roaders and exotic or very expensive car brands. For example, American Express doesn’t cover damages for SUVs like Fords and Range Rovers. MasterCard and Visa often doesn’t cover damages of wheels and rims that have happened because of the road muds and graves. Such countries as Ireland, Italy, Israel, Australia usually have own rules and limitations about credit car insurance.



  1. What’s done is done now

So, what about rims? When you come back to the rental counter for drop off you should fill in the papers. There are many different papers to sign like accident report and car checking form. Do you remember that you refused to take the car insurance a couple of hours ago? So, you have to pay about $ 150 for rims according to the survey report. Do you feel regrets now?

  1. Take pictures

Are you going to take this lovely Ford for rent? Don’t be lazy and make a picture of it. Also, it is better to make a picture of damaged car after accident. Of course, there must be a rental car inspector and police officer who will definitely do that for you. Nevertheless, try to take pictures on your own. WHY? Sometimes, a couple of pictures can free you from problems. If a partner company makes you to pay for a damaged bumper or crashed mirror just show them a picture of your car where it is clearly shown that the bumper is already crushed on pick up.



So, you know everything about why do you really need to insure your car before a trip. So, think twice before decide and say NO at the rental office. Are you sure your personal car insurance is able to cover all damages? What if your personal policy is not able to cover damages when you’re taking car for business? It is never too late to check!