When on a romantic holiday, looking for an ideal hotel is an absolute necessity to make you happy. Some people like spending their honeymoon in romantic hotels, somewhere away from home. It feels great spending with your lover, hence the need to get a nice hotel as well as rent a vehicle for reliable and convenient traveling. Below are the most romantics hotels in the USA, that are truly astounding and give away only the best enjoyments one can ever imagine.


1. Geoffrey’s Malibu (LOS ANGELES)

The hotel is the best choice to experience the oceanside dining. The exemplary theme of the hotel really entices honeymooners to feast at the hotel. Since 1948, it has served eminent visitors, like, John F Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, and others. Tidbits that keep lovers visiting Geoffrey’s are Ahi Tuna Tartar, Jumbo Coconut Shrimp, and Baked Brie.

2. Soho Grand Hotel (New York City)

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Car Insurance


This is the second article in our series about pro’s and cons of travel isurance.

You can check part 1 here.

  1. You are responsible for everything

It doesn’t really matter what you did. Even if you’ve been trying to safe people from the burning car, you are responsible for that damaged vehicle you took for rent or even a part of it. Nobody needs reasons. Everyone pays attention to results.

  1. Search about vehicle insurances available

Learn everything about different types of insurances you are offered by the rental manager. Many people think that their personal auto insurance is able to cover all damages and accidents. It is not! Check this first! Also, it is important to pay attention to your card banking rules. Don’t be surprised! It is important!

There can be a kind of restriction from your bank to cover few types of vehicles like off-roaders and exotic or very expensive car brands. For example, American Express …

Bare Truth About Rental Car Insurance. NEED It or NOT?

Car Insurance


So, you are going for a car trip! Actually, it doesn’t matter whether you are going to travel by car or just use Jeep rental in Colorado Springs to get to the camping place up at the mountains. The transport is needed and that is a fact. There is always a kind of confusion when you are standing at the airport counter and trying to decide if you really need to insure a car or not.

What would you answer? Of course, the most of you would answer: No, thanks. Why? Traditionally, people used to think that rental insurance that is politely offered by a rental company is nothing but fake. It’s just wasting your budget! You are a careful driver and everything will go smoothly. Also, your personal insurance will solve all your road problems if you’ll have any.

You can find out more about reasons to buy insurance in our next article.

But suddenly something went wrong!

3 Best Exotic Cars for Your Trip to the Beach

Life is something that is meant to be enjoyed. Every chance for enjoyment should be grasped with full grit and enthusiasm. But then again, you never know how and what life will bring to you. And there are also many ways to enjoy life. Probably, youngsters are the ones who actually enjoy it! And what better way to enjoy other than by going on trips! Trips that last a last a lifetime of memories. But then again, youngsters nowadays don’t really have time or money to even think about this. But then, rental24h rental services are here to help you and rent you the car through which you can go on a trip.

Here are the 3 best exotic cars for your trip.

Exotic cars vary from person to person. A person with a good financial status will prefer cars that are comparatively more costly. But most of the youngsters belong to the middle-class family. They cannot really afford to …

What you should know just before organizing a trip to North America

Let’s move on

To begin with, you should consider your comfy transport while in the United States. This is exactly why, you need to check out the car rental vendors offers, to get a wonderful vehicle at a reasonable price for journeying.

Avoid consuming in chain restaurants, probably only once, let’s say, try a diner for your morning meal or for lunch meal, to observe the older Americans with silver hair and additionally the 60’s feel of the location. Try out cultural cafes and additionally read Yelp assessments. Try a few high-quality areas. At all times tip, not less than 13 percent, preferably 20.

Do not ever assume that in case you speak English you’ll be able to comprehend all the eating venue words. You may not. You will find yourself asked about a lot of things and additionally options where you would probably need descriptions and do not be embarrassed about that. American waiters are typically gentle and patient. …