Bare Truth About Rental Car Insurance. NEED It or NOT?

Car Insurance


So, you are going for a car trip! Actually, it doesn’t matter whether you are going to travel by car or just use Jeep rental in Colorado Springs to get to the camping place up at the mountains. The transport is needed and that is a fact. There is always a kind of confusion when you are standing at the airport counter and trying to decide if you really need to insure a car or not.

What would you answer? Of course, the most of you would answer: No, thanks. Why? Traditionally, people used to think that rental insurance that is politely offered by a rental company is nothing but fake. It’s just wasting your budget! You are a careful driver and everything will go smoothly. Also, your personal insurance will solve all your road problems if you’ll have any.

You can find out more about reasons to buy insurance in our next article.

But suddenly something went wrong!

You were in hurry for a coffee degustation to one of many local farms and suddenly had a flat tire. What are you going to do now with two damaged wheels? It’s a high time to dig a little deeper into the situation and learn more about insurance policy and what they really cover.

Car accident



When you ask for a vehicle to rent, you might have been asked to insure your car at the airport rental office. There are different types of insurances and just few of them are what you really need and expect for. They all can be helpful but not all are that cheap. It happens you should pay for the insurance even more than for the car rent.



More about Collision Damage Waiver Policy

This paper is offered to solve your problems in case the car you rent is damaged or, even worse, stolen. That simply means you don’t have to panic or pay for the reparation. Your insurance contract is ready to cover it!

More about Personal Accident Policy

This one can be useful and really helpful to cover your personal damages as a driver and your passengers.

More about Supplemental Liability Policy

This insurance covers all damages you cause to other people’s cars or their property. It works if you are the reason of the car accident and responsible for it. Be aware, your personal insurance is ready to cover these damages. So, there is no need to waste money for a new one! Check first! If you the US citizen you definitely have it!

More about Personal Effects Insurance

It covers your expenses if something is stolen, meaning something of your personal stuff.

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